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Visitor and Innovation Center Joki is closed 1.7. - 4.8.2024.

What does Turku look like in the Future?

The Joki Visitor and Innovation Center is Finland’s first regional visitor center where businesses in the area can showcase their latest innovations. Joki is open on weekdays 8-16. Welcome!

Showcase of the Turku region business life and city development

Are you interested in getting to know the companies working in the Turku region? Would you like to see how the future of Turku looks? Would you like to know which kind of innovations are made in the universities of the region? Then, you are very welcome to the Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki!

Joki is Finland’s first regional business to business visitor centre. Its interactive exhibitions contain current attractions and the enablers of future competitiveness. Joki offers a wide view into the Turku region business life and city development.

The concept of visitor centre was created as a part of 6Aika, a joint strategy of the six largest cities in Finland.

The visitor centre is located at the heart of the Turku Science Park and is open every weekday from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Welcome!

Meeting rooms

There are over 20 different meeting rooms in Joki, the sizes of which vary from four person negotiation rooms to a workshop floor that fits 50 people.

Auditoriums and theaters

Are you planning a lecture, a dance class or a networking event? Our versatile spaces provide a flexible framework for a variety of different occasions.

Party and sauna premises

There are two impressive party and sauna premises available for Joki’s customers. Both spaces provide a breathtaking view over Turku and the possibility to spend the evening relaxing in a rooftop jacuzzi.

Visitor and Innovation Centre Joki

Charm your guests and organise your event in one of the most impressive visitor centers in the Nordic countries.