Vierailukeskus Joki


Everything your event needs.

Visitor and Innovation Center Joki is closed 1.7. - 4.8.2024.


Our service providers make sure you have everything you need in smaller meetings, all-day seminars and parties alike.

Event Production

Rajupaja offers all services required for an event from brands and karaoke services to suit the programme of any event.

Coaching and development workshops

Organize a training and development workshop with Great Minds Oy at the Joki Visitor Centre.

Photography and Video production

Joki provides a magnificent setting for photographs and videos. In the various premises of Joki, it is easy to take photos of events and individuals, do interviews and give visitors an opportunity to speak.

Speciality Coffee

Turku Kahvilla -coffee moped brings freshly roasted coffee to the heart of Turku Science Park.


Decorated flowers are designed according to the customer’s wishes, and their style can be selected to reflect the event’s atmosphere. 

Athmosphere lighting

Create an unforgettable atmosphere with colored lights.

Drink bar

Exclusive drink bar makes your event memorable.

Joki bicycle

The Joki bicycle is a cooler on wheels! It is easy to move to the venue and can be cycled around serving customers all around the area. 


Experience the exciting casino vibe at Joki Showroom – the perfect choice for team days.


Create the perfect soundscape for your event by hiring a professional DJ for your event. 


Live music creates the perfect atmosphere for your party or event.

Donut wall

Create an amazing and fun serving point for your event with Joki donut wall.

Popcorn machine

Popcorn machines are a great addition to a relaxed event.