Photography and Video production

Capture your event in high quality photos and videos

Joki provides a magnificent setting for photographs and videos. In the various premises of Joki, it is easy to take photos of events and individuals, do interviews and give visitors an opportunity to speak.

Our network includes several photographers and video production businesses. Photographers can be booked easily through Joki sales service and, if needed, specifics can be discussed directly with the photographers.


Every event is a worthwhile occasion to take photographs – and preferably high quality ones.

Photos of people, catering and atmosphere are always intriguing. Set yourself free from the pressure of taking photographs and hire a professional photographer for the event.  

Price from 150 € / hour + VAT 24 %


An event video captures the atmosphere and increases awareness of your business.

On the video you can tell the audience what your event was about in an easy and interesting way. Bring your star speakers along on the video to make sure to reach plenty of views.

Price from 450 € / video + VAT 24 %

Photography and video

Photographs and videos complement each other. Share vibes or information – it’s up to you!

Atmospheric photos combined with an informative video are a profitable addition to the event for years to come.

Price from 550 € + VAT 24 %