Event Production

Through Rajupaja you may arrange everything for your event from renting presentation technology to the production and plans.

Comprehensive Event Production

Event production services at Joki are provided by Rajupaja. Their expertise ranges from event lighting to fixtures, sound reproduction, video productions and streaming. Rajupaja can arrange suitable DJs, bands and karaoke services to suit the programme of any event.

Rajupaja’s wide selection means that all services required for an event can be ordered efficiently and easily from a single vendor. Rajupaja is happy to participate in event planning with the customer to ensure that all technical issues as well as the possibilities offered by the venue and technologies are explored in advance. After the order has been placed, the agreed technology, fixtures and services are delivered in one go.

Rajupaja was founded in 2014. It is specialised in event production, performance technologies and programme services. The company’s core idea is to make event production simple for customers by providing a one-stop service on a turnkey basis.