What is Joki?

Joki is an inspiring meeting place for companies, students and professional guests.

Joki – business and science showroom

Joki is a joint visitor centre for the city of Turku and companies and universities in the Turku area. It functions as a showroom for business, innovations and city development. Joki allows companies of all sizes to showcase their operations. Typically, only large companies can afford such showcase concepts.   

Joki is located at the heart of the Turku Science Park among businesses and universities. It is open on weekdays, which makes it easy for visitors to explore companies in the digital showroom and see various exhibitions.    

Joki was designed by Arosuo Architects and opened its doors in 2017. Turku Science Park Ltd and the city of Turku are responsible for the exhibitions. The premises are owned by Turku Technology Properties Ltd.